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Inner Upholstery Maintenance

The fabrics used for the production of the upholstery of our armchairs contain the Aquaclean technology, thanks to which the maintenance is as easy as can be and just water is sufficient for cleaning even the most resistant dirt.

What is Aquaclean?

Aquaclean is a revolutionary finish, which allows for stain removal using water. Maintenance is very simple and you can remove stains in the minimum amount of time.

The advantages of the Aquaclean technology compared to other liquid repellents?

Regular repellents prevent liquid penetration only for several minutes. As soon as the liquid penetrates, the substances stop being effective. On the contrary, Aquaclean, besides its repellent function, also works as a means facilitating cleaning and makes it easier to remove dirt from the fabric.

Thus, with the Aquaclean finish, you have an opportunity to clean a stain below the surface too. This surface facilitates cleaning and pulling out dirt even in cases when it has penetrated the fabric.

And what about the environment?

Fabrics with the Aquaclean Technology finish have the Made in Green certificate, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances and environmentally friendly production.

What can be cleaned thanks to the Aquaclean treatment?

You can clean any stains and pollutants from regular home use, thus stains made by soda, food, shoe polish... Testing has proven that, with the Aquaclean finish, you can even clean stains like permanent markers.

A stain has not disappeared completely; what now?

In extreme pollution cases, where the stain has not disappeared completely, we recommend first using water with a drop of soap and then removing the stain with pure water.

How else can you clean the upholstery?

It is possible to wash it in the washing machine, however, observe the correct washing procedure, which you can find on the labels. That means the correct program, temperature, manner of ironing, etc.

Cleaning in three steps.

  1. remove the remaining pollutants
  2. apply water on the stain, either directly or using a damp, wrung out cloth. Wait for a few seconds. Apply water on the stain. Pour it directly, possibly apply water with a paper or textile napkin
  3. push the cloth on the stain and rub the stain gently in circular motion. If the stain does not disappear immediately, repeat the process until the stain vanishes completely

ATTENTION: Do not use other detergents than those recommended here for cleaning. If there is damage due to use of an unsuitable detergent, the legal warranty no longer applies for the product. In case of queries, do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@ballchair.cz. We will gladly provide advice. We recommend a vacuum cleaner for removing pollutants such as dust.


Warranty and Servicing Terms and Conditions A two-year warranty is granted for the product, by law. This warranty applies to defects according to the commercial code. For a period of two years, the seller and the manufacturer provide further services beyond the warranty. These services do not apply to minor paint and inner upholstery damage caused by the customer.

In our extra post-warranty service, we offer the customer advantages such as the possibility of paint renewal or upholstery replacement in case of damage. The price of this service only covers the material and transport costs. This can be utilised twice in 10 years after the lapse of the legal warranty period.

Our company and production is Czech, thus we can afford to and gladly provide our customers with an individual approach. All Ball chairs are made in the Czech Republic.